Need Help Determining the appropriate Spoiler Light for your Vehicle?

Ok, this is what you need to do. Simply follow the instructions below. (Tape measure, pencil, paper, and screw driver required).

4 Simple Steps

1. How long is my spoiler light?
Take a tape measure and measure the length of your spoiler light in inches. Usually spoiler lights are exact in inches or in incraments of .5 (example: 15.5 inches long).

2. How is my spoiler light mounted?
All spoiler lights are mounted either by screw tabs (using screws to hold the light into place) or with no screw tabs (using adhesive tape to hold the light in place). Some replacement bulbs require a bracket (that comes along with the replacement bulb) to mount the spoiler light in place. As you search for your replacement bulb on our website (in most cases) you’ll notice that you will be asked to choose whether or not you want your replacement bulb with screw tabs or without.

3. What is the shape of my spoiler light?
Some spoiler lights have straight edges (like a ruler) while others are curvy with rounded edges. Some are thin in width while others are wider. After you find out the length of your spoiler light

[See Step 1] you will then be able to judge the appropriate replacement bulb by examing your original with the products on our site.

4. Browse the products section to find your spoiler light!
You are now ready to go into our online store and start looking for your replacement light. Start browsing our website by choosing your make/model/year vehicle or by choosing the size in length of your spoiler light.

On many of our product pages are graphical schematic drawings meant to help customers double check their measurements of their spoiler lights with the products on our site. We have also included thumbnails for all of our products to help customers get a large image representation of the real life product.

If you have any questions about this process or are unable to find your light replacement please email us at and tell us what your looking for. We are constantly adding new products to our website and working to improve your shopping experience.