Lexus GS300 Smoked Spoilerlight | Type: SL-2836SMOKED

The following photo was taken from a Lexus GS300 model from New Zealand.  The spoilerlight (pictured) is our 16.57" 2 Hole Spoilerlight, Type: SL2836SMOKED.  This light is available with a red, clear, and smoked lens.  All versions light up red when illuminated and are legal in all 50 states. Please Note: There are numerous spoilers made for the Lexus GS300.  Please make sure to measure your light, follow our online instructions, and contact customer support if you have any questions before ordering.

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Photos: Toyota 4Runner Bracket Mounted 3rd Brake Light

The following photos contained in the slideshow above are taken from various customers with Toyota 4Runners ranging from 2002 to 2017.  There are several different spoilers and spoilerlights made for the Toyota 4Runner during these years of production.  If you are unsure if this is your replacement, please email photos.  We should be able to identify your light by sight. We try and post photos customers send us of their spoilerlights as much as possible to help other customers identify their Spoilerlight replacements.  Photos also help us to identify the appropriate spoilerlight replacement for our customers.

Beaver Marquis LED Third Brake Light | Type: SL-3240RD

The following photos are taken from a 2003 Beaver Marquis (Sapphire Floor Plan).  This light measures approximately 13.78 inches in length.  There is another light commonly found on Beaver Marquis that is 18 inches long and has a similar shape to this light.  You will need to measure your light to determine which light is your replacement.  If you have any questions or need help confirming fitment, please contact us and send photos of your light. Specifications: 13.78″ Approximate Length 13.06″ Distance Between Screw holes 1.29″ Width 0.59″ Thickness Front Mount Design 2 Screw Holes 40 LED Center Wire SAE/DOT Approved (Department of Transportation)

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Toyota 4Runner Dual Third Brake Light Replacments | 2002-2009

There is a spoiler manufactured for the 2002-2009 Toyota 4Runner that partially covers the factory LED third brake light while also housing a separate spoilerlight up underneath the spoiler.  This spoiler is pictured here in this post.  The light at the top of the photos mounted up underneath the spoiler is our 16.57" 2 Hole Spoiler Light.  The light underneath the spoiler that is partially covered by the spoiler is the 4Runner Factory LED Third Brake Light.  This light is our 14.75" Bracket Mounted Third Brake Light. If you are unsure if one or both of these lights is your light, please contact us and send photos if possible.

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BMW M3 Spoiler Light | 1992-1999

The following photos are of a spoiler light replacement for a 1992-1999 E36 Spoiler Light.  The spoiler light (pictured) is our 13.78" 2 Hole Spoiler Light. Please make sure to view our photos, schematic drawing, and compare them to your existing light before purchasing.  This may or may not be the correct spoiler light replacement for your E36 BMW.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Need help identifying a broken Spoiler Light?

Do you need help identifying a broken Spoiler Light on your vehicle?  We can often identify spoiler lights, even if they are broken or damaged.  If you need assistance identifying the appropriate spoiler light for your vehicle, please fill out our online form or email a couple of photos of the light to us.  Please take a couple of photos up underneath the spoiler.  You do not need to remove the light for us to identify it.

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Photos: Mazda 6 Spoiler Light | Type: SL-2836CLR

The following photos are taken from a 2007 Mazda 6.  The light pictured is our 16.57" 2 Hole Clear Spoiler Light.  This light is commonly found on the Mazda 6.  However, there are 5 other spoilers and 5 different lights commonly found on the Mazda 6 during these years.  These photos are published to help our customers identify the appropriate spoiler light for their vehicles. We highly recommend you view the photos, compare your measurements of your light to this light, and follow our online instructions before ordering.  Otherwise you may order the wrong light and have to return it for an exchange.

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Photos: 2008-2014 Nissan Maxima Spoiler Light | Type: SL-2836RD

The following photos are taken from a 2009 Nissan Maxima. We often display photos of our customers spoilers and spoilerlights to help other customers identify the appropriate spoilerlights for their vehicles. There are often numerous spoilers and spoilerlights made for any one vehicle. If this does not look like your spoilerlight, please contact us and we will help you identify your light.

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Photos: 1992-1995 Honda Civic Spoiler Light | Type: SL-2240RD

There are numerous spoilerlights commonly found on the 1992-1995 Honda Civic. It is a very common and popular vehicle and numerous spoilers were manufactured for this vehicle. The following photos displayed are one of numerous different spoilerlights commonly found on this vehicle. We offer photos to help customers identify the appropriate spoilerlight replacement for their vehicles. If these photos do not look like your spoilerlight, please contact us and email photo(s) of your light. We can often identify your spoilerlight replacement if we can see your light.

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Even if your Spoiler Light is Damaged or Missing, We can help you identify it…

We often have customers contact us looking for the correct replacement spoilerlight for their vehicles.  The only problem however is they are either missing their spoilerlight or it is damaged.  We can often identify your spoiler light, even if it is damaged by sight.  In addition, we can often identify which light is your spoiler light replacement even if the light is missing entirely.  We do this by examining the opening of the spoiler where the light is designed to be mounted.  We can tell by the shape and curvature of the opening which light is your spoilerlight replacement. If you need help determining your spoilerlight replacement, please click here and email photo(s) of your spoiler light or fill out the form listed below. [contact-form-7 [...]

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