toyota-alternative-11This is NOT the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Spoiler Light for the Factory Toyota, Stanley Made Spoiler. It is an ALTERNATIVE Spoiler Light we have tested to fit the Factory Toyota Spoiler. This light is NOT an exact fit.  It has gaps in the rear and inbetween where the original tabs screw into the spoiler.  When the trunk of your vehicle is down, you should not see any gaps.  However, when you raise the trunk, you will notice the gaps in the area of the spoiler where the original light was mounted.  The main difference between the original light and our alternative is our light is mounted with 3M Super Strength Tape, whereas the original OEM light is mounted with 2 Screw Tabs (As Pictured).

If you are looking for the OEM factory light it is ONLY available through Toyota at a cost of approximately $280.00-$500.00 depending upon dealer pricing.

The Spoiler Light advertised here is an alternative spoiler light we have tested to fit the Factory Stanley Made Spoiler for some Toyota vehicles.  These include but are not limited to the Corolla, Camry, and Solara.  This light is also found on several different Lexus vehicles.

Differences Between the Original Spoiler Light & Our Alternative

Our alternative light does not have screw tabs, and is mounted with Super Strength 3M Adhesive Tape (Included with your Purchase).  Because there are no tabs in our version, the cutout area for the tabs, where the original light is mounted will be empty (Please Review Photos).  You should not be able to tell any difference when the trunk is down.  Our light fits very nicely into the spoiler gap opening.  However, when you raise your trunk, you will notice a gap in the rear of the spoiler gap opening, and where the tabs are located on either side.  If you are super anal about your car and want it completely OEM, your best option is to order a new replacement through

Many different spoiler lights, emblems, fender flares, and other automotive accessories are commonly mounted with 3M Super Strength Tape. It is very strong and will not come loose if installed properly. In fact, it is often very difficult to remove as it is a very strong adhesive.

Original Mounting Method: 2 Screw Tabs
Alternative Mounting Method: 3M Super Strength Tape

What is Included?

  • 15.625″ 3M Spoiler Light ®
  • 3M Super Strength Tape (One Roll)
  • Wire Crimp Connectors (4)

Tools Needed for Installation (Not Included)

  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Wire Stripper/Crimper
  • Fishing Line (Approximately 2 Feet of Line)
  • Cloth Rag & Cleaning Tools

Spoiler Light Removal & Installation

We do not provide step by step instructions for the removal and installation of this spoiler light as there are slight differences between vehicles, spoilers, and wiring. The original OEM spoiler light (pictured) is often mounted with 3M tape in addition to the two screw tabs.  There are also two screws fastened to the spoiler from the inside of the lens of the light.  You must remove the lens of the original light to gain access to these screws for removal.

Please Note: We always recommend that our customers have a professional auto mechanic or auto body specialist remove and install their spoiler lights. Customers that choose to remove and install their spoiler light due so at their own risk. Improper removal and installation can and may cause severe damage to your vehicle, paint, and/or electrical system. Please proceed at your own risk!