Replacement Screws


10 x 3/4″

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Replacement Screws Only Available with Purchase of Spoiler Light

We offer the following replacement screws for spoiler lights measuring from 9 inches to 19 inches in length. For spoiler lights measuring larger than 19 inches, we offer a longer screw measuring 10 x 3/4″ in length. To view this screw, click here.

Specifications: 10 x 3/4″ Screws

.25 cents per screw

Disclaimer (Terms, Conditions & Release of Liability

Due to the wide variety of spoiler manufacturers, OEM equipment, and aftermarket applications, we cannot guarantee that the threads of the screws we provide here on our website will match the prexisting threads on your spoiler. WARNING! Improper installation, incorrect thread type or size, and misthreading of screws may damage your vehicle! We recommend that you seek professional assistance in locating the appropriate replacement screws for your spoiler before removing and installing your spoiler light. The replacement screws provided here are offered by our affiliate who use the screws to mount lights to spoilers they manufacture. We offer these screws as a courtesy to our customers.

By accepting the terms, conditions, and release of liability on the drop down menu listed below you release from any and all liability from any damage that may occurr from the use of the replacement screws.


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