16″ x 2.06″ Roof Mount Third Brake Light


2 Holes


This spoiler light is 16″ x 2.06″. This spoiler light is mounted to the roof of your vehicle with two screws and the aid of adhesive tape for a water proof seal. This light is available with either a red lens, chrome lens, or a black lens (Select Below).  Both versions light up red when illuminated, are SAE/DOT Approved, and are legal in all 50 states.

If you are not sure if this is light is the appropriate replacement for your vehicle please follow our online instructions.


  • 16″ Approximate Length
  • Available with a Black Lens or Chrome Lens
  • 2.06″ Approximate Width
  • Roof Mount Design
  • 30 LEDs
  • Adhesive 3M Tape Mount
  • Center Wire.

Installation Instructions:
1. Clean mounting surface area thoroughly before mounting.
2. The light is designed to be mounted in the high center of the vehicles roof. Make sure to locate the correct position by measuring it and marking the area with an erasable marker. WARNING!  Make SURE to use a marker that is not permenate and will damage your paint!
3. Remove the cover film of the double side adhesive tape, carefully make placement and firmly apply pressure. Allow 24 hours to firmly set.
4. Wiring/ One negative wire to metal ground, one positive wire to brake light. If brake lamp and rear lamp are sharing the same bulb, please make sure the positive wire of 3rd brake lamp is connected to the right positive electrode.
5. 3rd brake lamp will not flash when turn signals are on. For those vehicles with combined brake and turn signal, p lease try to connect the positive wire of our unit to the front brake wire.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 3 × 3 in
Lens Colors

Black Lens, Chrome Lens, Red Lens


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